Long before I chose to make it a career, before I accquired any of my certifications, I knew that helping others realize their full potential and reach their goals was what I was meant to do.  It's my passion.  It's what I'm good at.  It's what I love. 


Yeah.  I know.  It sounds cheesy when I say stuff like that, right?  So I'll let them say it instead... 

"I am 68 years old and a business owner.  I have never worked out on a regular basis in my life.  Cassandra makes every session interesting, challenging and tailored to one's abilities.  She is conscientious, responsive and timely.

"I have been with Cassandra since Jan. 2018 and I have improved in strength, flexibility, focus and overall health.


"I plan on continuing with Cassandra for many more years.  I highly recommend Cassandra for anyone's personal training needs."

Karen F. Leonard, MI

"I started training with Cassandra over 15 months ago, at age 61. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I was in relatively good shape for a long time at  6’2” and 198 lbs., training mostly in my home gym and doing reasonably well with weight control. However, Cassandra customized and implemented a training program for me that is outstanding. This program consists of an extensive warm up/stretching period, followed by barbell weight training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

"I have never used barbells prior to training with her, opting for weight machines, dumbbells and assorted cardio. I can now correctly perform the bench press, overhead press, barbell row, deadlift, back and front squat. The HIIT exercises are varied, very challenging and have dramatically improved my mobility, flexibility and endurance/VO2 max. Cassandra is astute in not just the mechanics of the lifts and exercises, but also recognizing and properly coaching minute details to insure everything is conducted correctly and safely. This is a rare skill and one of her best attributes.  

"Some of the specific benefits I have gained:

  • Better overall shape than when I was 30!

  • Lost 14 pounds to 184, and reduced body fat over 7%. Waist size reduced 3”.

  • Ankle flexibility increased and cessation of major swelling during any type of extended use (I had many previous sprains and strains- was told by numerous doctors this would never improve).

  • Shoulder pain (both) 100% gone (had previous injuries and rotator cuff surgeries; never expected this to totally heal).

  • Wrist pain from excessive computer usage is totally gone. I couldn’t even do a front squat without pain initially, zero issue now.

  • Borderline type 2 diabetes for last 15+ years, with A1C test results of 5.9-6.4. My test on 4/15/18 was 5.1. Exercise, combined with focused/improved nutrition is working very well. We discuss nutrition on a regular basis and Cassandra recommends various readings and websites. Nutrition improvement is really quite simple when most of the misinformation is filtered out.

  • Almost every workout is a mental break and significant sense of accomplishment.

I highly recommend Cassandra as a personal trainer!!!"

Mike J., Clarkston, MI

I have been working out with Cassandra for over a year. I am amazed at the transformation I have gone through both physically and mentally. Over the past few years, I have let myself get out of shape. I was intimidated by going to the gym and trying to work out on my own. Training with Cassandra has been an incredible experience. I have learned a lot about fitness and now feel confident about exercise and weight training. Cassandra is extremely knowledgeable and is always studying and learning new things about both exercise and nutrition.  She's very friendly and makes herself available to her clients. Cassandra is also encouraging in a supportive and non-judgmental way.  

Katharine L., Rochester, MI

"Cassandra and I worked together for 3 months, in which time my goals were to: Get my fitness and eating on track and achieve some real results. Cassandra started by taking a full assessment of my existing fitness and eating habits, and launched right in by getting me over the intimidation of lifting heavy weights (something I never would have done on my own) with customized workouts including at home and in-person sessions.


"Thanks to her expertise and diligence, I was successful in achieving my goals! She taught me the importance of eating clean and that lifting weights is so important...especially for women. I received several compliments from friends and family (as well as my husband) as my body began to transform. Cassandra is a joy to work with. She’s smart, witty, and “real” about health and fitness. Loved everything about her and especially loved the results I achieved. My deadlift increased from 90 lbs to 160 lbs over the course of the three months we worked together, and I’ve continued to advance since. Simply put: Cassandra is awesome. I can’t recommend her highly enough."


Kari D., Rochester, Michigan 

"I trained with Cassandra for just over three months and in that time I lost 16 pounds and inches all over! I lowered my cholesterol over 20 points and I am stronger than I have ever been. Those are the measurable elements but training with Cassandra you get so much more! You get a trainer that genuinely cares about your overall well-being and your success. She goes above and beyond just time in the gym.


"Sure I’m stronger physically but maybe more importantly I am stronger mentally because of the confidence she gives you in your own abilities to reach what you never thought was possible. With Cassandra you work to reach your goals and much, much more. I highly recommend to anyone to train with her, get to know her, or simply be around her. Wherever she is, great things will happen."


Lee A., Rochester, Michigan

“Cassandra has been my inspiration and cheerleader for the past year. Her own personal journey to fitness speaks volumes of her persistence, dedication and enthusiasm for health and well being. Not only can she relate to every woman's struggle but she genuinely cares and pushes for individual success. I would definitely say teaming up with her has been a great support for me and could be that crucial step in the right direction for anyone wanting a healthy, fit lifestyle.”​

Andrea S., Madison Heights, Michigan

Six months ago I walked into a CrossFit gym for the first time. I was extremely nervous, ashamed that I let myself get so overweight, scared because I didn't know anyone, and intimidated because there was no one that was as out of shape as I was. One by one all of the strangers started coming up to me and introducing themselves. Cassandra was the third person who made an attempt to ease those feelings I had that first day.


"One night at the gym we had a workout that involved burpees. I have never done this particular exercise before, so I was struggling to complete the workout. I really wanted to give in to the exhaustion that was overcoming me. Cassandra was done way before I was, she could tell that I was struggling and came over to get me through it. She counted for me because I was too tired to count for myself. She cheered me on and would not let me give up. As I continued my fitness journey Cassandra has not only been my biggest cheerleader, but a steadfast person to go to for any questions about nutrition, and proper technique to do the movements that we do during CrossFit workouts. Cassandra even met me at a "health food" store to teach me how to eat healthy. I feel as though I can tell her anything, even about weaknesses I still have in my diet. She doesn't condemn me, instead reminds me where I started and where my goals really are.


"In my opinion Cassandra is an excellent coach. She truly loves to make people feel better about themselves. Her non-condemning honesty is refreshing. Don't get me wrong, she will push you, but she does because she really cares about the people that she is helping.”​

Tammy M., Rochester, Michigan

“I would recommend Cassandra to anyone who needs or wants motivation. She has such a friendly positive attitude and gives great suggestions through email, text and in person. Cassandra has taken time to sit down with my daughter (11yrs old) and I to help us make better decisions on being healthy. She gave us the tools to succeed. Whenever I had a question about anything or needed a boost in motivation I was able to send her a text or email and she always responded with answers or ideas reminding me why I was changing mine and my daughter's life style. Cassandra made me feel comfortable and I like could do anything if I put my mind to it. If I said I couldn't she said 'Yes you can'."​


Nicole C., Troy, Michigan