I offer a variety of services to try to fit a variety of budgets and schedules.  What I don't offer is programs that don't work.  If you're used to a $19.99/month gym membership, I ask you to consider -- is it working?   Because it's only a good deal if it's effective.  If it's not, you're being ripped off and are wasting not only your money, but your time and sanity as well.  

The options below are for people who are serious about getting the results they want.  Each session is closely guided by me make sure your workout is not only SAFE but that you're getting the most EFFECTIVE workout every session.  My programming is based on science, using methodologies and systems that WORK.  (These things are not new or a secret, by the way.  LOTS of great trainers I know use them - because they work!)  I don't do gimmicks.  I don't do shortcuts.  


Please contact me directly with questions!

Personal Training

My most elite, customized, and effective service. This method of training is ideal for anyone looking to make a life change with lasting results.  


My 1-on-1 clients range from moms & dads looking to lose weight, athletes looking to shred up, and, my favorite, (and majority of my current clientele) retirees looking to improve their general health and quality of living!

Our in-person, approx. 1 hour sessions are held at my private Rochester studio location.  Your sessions will consist of a bit of what you want to keep things fun, and a lot of what you need.  I assess your personal weaknesses and/or imbalances in your body and program specifically to address them. 

Essential, personalized nutritional counseling included. We cover what and how to eat and how to plan your meals, etc. as well as how to eat healthy at restaurants/family events and so on.


Cost/session (all inclusive):              $95-$75

In-Home Training available:                 varies

Small Group 
Personal Training

A mix of strength training and cardio conditioning, this option is perfect for a group of friends, moms, or co-workers, etc. who would like to get a great workout in with a like-minded group.  


This class also offers a degree of individualized/customized programming and is a great "maintenance" program for clients who have already gone through 1-on-1 or for new clients looking for more general training in a small class setting.


Minimum of 3 people required to run a class. Maximum of 6.  Almost any fitness level easily accomodated. 


Class is scheduled according to your groups' availability so contact me to let me know what you're thinking!


Cost/session/person:                                     $30

Couples Personal Training

Same service as my 1-on-1 training, this service is ideal for two people (husband/wife, roomates, friends, brothers, sisters, etc.) with similar goals who are able to and prefer to train together.  


Cost/session (all inclusive):               $145-$115

Remote Training Program

A unique, remote training program created by me and specifically designed for those who desire an intelligent, progressive program that gets results. This option is ideal for those who maybe travel a bunch, or prefer training at home, or already belong to a gym of their own. This program incorporates strength elements as well as metabolic conditioning providing a well-rounded plan to help you to get to your weightloss and/or "toning" and strength-building goals.  

This 3-day/week, 12-week program is provided to you in a .pdf format which includes what movements to do, your rep scheme and the weight to be used as well as video tutorial instruction for each.  

This program pairs well with my nutritional counseling services to get you the absolute best results possible.  


Cost:                                           $100-$350/mon


For those really looking to dial in the nutritional aspect of their lifestyle and/or training.

You may be brand new to healthy eating, or perhaps are well on your way but are not getting the results you want and need help with some fine tuning. 


This service is very individualized so costs may vary. However, the first month of coaching usually sends people well on their way as my intent is to TEACH you as much as possible.  So many find they only need a single month of this service.  


Month #1 cost:                                          $250

Month #2, #3, etc:                                  varies

  • Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or for more details on any of my services.  I don't bite and you're under no obligation. :)
  • Personal training packages are, quite understandably, a large investment and commitment on both our parts.  I always offer free consultations and insist on meeting with all potential new clients in person to talk about your goals and be sure that we're on the same page.  Please call or email to set up an appointment if you are interested in discussing your possible programming solution.

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