• Cassandra Shoneck, CPT

Just call me "No-Hands-Boot-Walker"

Hey, y'all!! I need to make this post brief, even though there's a lot more I'd like to share about the "behind the scenes" stuff (i.e.: inside my noggin) that's been going on. But I just wanted to say hi and give you a quickie update.

  • Today I am 6 weeks post-op. (Seven weeks + three days post-injury.)

  • I had my 4 week follow up with the doctor last Friday. He says I'm doing well! Says my repair is repaired. I cannot "rip out" any stitches internally or anything like that (because that's what I've been secretly freaking out about since my last follow up, so I've been treating this leg like porcelain). But he said, short of literally re-rupturing the tendon with the same/similar amount of force that did it the first time, I'm good to go. (Yikes!! Learning to trust that.....)

  • I'm back up to full 4-5 hour work blocks "on my feet" so to speak. The progression of which looked something like this:

  1. Sit through almost 100% of client and/or coaching sessions;

  2. 50% scoot around, 50% sit on said scooter for sessions;

  3. Cleared to start weight-bearing so back on the dang crutches (which meant I was more tired again, and needed to sit more again).

  • I had my first ever experience with physical therapy - both my assessment and my first session were this week! Awesome but scary but exciting stuff there.

  • And....I am WALKING. Holy $#!+.

I'd like to come back and do a bit more of a breakdown of all the things ASAP. So stay tuned. Just couldn't hold my excitement back about the walking thing though. It's kinda crazy how much I feel like my world just opened back up... And actually, I took that video yesterday. Today I tried some hobble-y steps around the house with no boot as well. And so far so good there too!! I'm doing it! Feels weird. Like my heel is...flat? And I can't really dorsiflex too much yet. So my gait is super weird still of course. But people...! Dudes!! I'm getting there!! :D

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