• Cassandra Shoneck, CPT

First post-op visit update!

Last Friday, I had my one week post-op follow up appointment at RHO. I shall bullet point the highlights!

Say "bye, bye, bye!!"

** The staff at Rochester Hills Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are (still) awesome. They are positive and down to earth. They set you at ease and are super helpful. And I really appreciate the way that they treat you like a complete individual. I'm sure each staff member has seen an Achilles rupture patient like a million times, but they take the time to explain every step of what they're doing and what I can expect like I'm the first person they've ever walked through the process. I feel like that is so important and so nice.

** Total surprise to me, but they took my cast off! One week post-surgery and I am cast-free! For anyone who has never had a cast on or taken off before, it is not scary at all. I mean, the thought of it is I guess. Like, sitting there, I considered briefly that at any moment she might slice my leg off. But it's kinda not possible. So calm down. :) And she was so careful. It just kind of makes your leg feel "vibratey" from the saw thingy. (Which is small and quiet and again, not scary. See below!)

Easy peasy! Didn't feel a thing, and all limbs still attached. :D

Non-scary slice-er off-er.

** After the cast came off, and I moved into the exam room, I had about a five minute window where I felt suuuuper woozy. They said that's pretty normal. I don't know if it's attributed more to the blood being able to rush fully back to the limb...or perhaps more of a mental aspect because I knew my whole baby tender just-surgeried area was all exposed and vulnerable and my incision site was riiiiiiiiiight there all I had to do was glance down (which I absoLUTEly did not do - ew). Anyway, they got me some water, I laid down so I wouldn't pass out, and it was all good! ** Doctor said everything looked great! Incision was good. I found out that all my closure stitches are inside. They do it like you would if you were sewing a pillow or stuffed animal, for example. After you turn your sewing project right side out and are ready to finish it - you do that little closure stitch where you can't see anything from the outside...(yes I'm a craft nerd) they will just dissolve eventually. (SUUUUper happy about that. I was NOT looking forward to having to get stitches cut out. Ew again.) ** AND - I found out my internal stitches are made with Kevlar! You know, the stuff they make bullet proof vests and bridge cable out of?? Doc said I could pull a train with them stitches. Woohoo!

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