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The birth of "the B.O.D." Hi!

Hey folks! So Facebook is a great way for me communicate with you guys about the latest news at CSH&F (Cassandra Shoneck Health & Fitness, LLC) and I will definitely still use that as my main platform....BUT....what do I do when I've got more to say?? It's not always ideal. So I'm starting this page. Woohoo!! Exciting stuff. :)

This page is called "the B.O.D." (for "Blog of the Day"). ;) Other than my reason above, I especially wanted to start this space because we are DROWNING in information overload in the health and fitness industry. Those who are trying to find their way and start their own journey have to sort through so much unclear information, misinformation and downright WRONG information - it's nothing but an "I GIVE UP" waiting to happen.

To the best of my ability, this will be a place of solid, science/research-based info regarding how to train, eat, cook, move, nourish, rest, lift and so on. If you know me in real life - you know me to be a pretty straight to the point, no-bullsheezey, pretty type A kinda gal. So you know I will be searching, researching and cross-referencing any and everything I put here.

So bookmark it. Share it. Check back often. And if you haven't already, follow my training page on FB because, unless you're a random traveler who has stumbled across this space (Hi!! Welcome!!), that will also be the main "sharing" method for....the B.O.D.

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